Review of the L'Oréal Arginine Resist X3

Monday, April 22, 2013

L'Oréal Arginine Resist X3

A little while back I had seen a commercial for the L'Oréal Arginine Resist X3 Shampoo and Conditioner.
Being the skeptic that I am, I ignored the commercial and carried on with my day.. I mean...I cant say its a FACT that J-Lo doesnt wash her own hair....but if you read some of the outrageous Diva-ish demands she makes for her movie and concert dressing rooms, then you know there is prolly no chance in heck she:

A - washes or blow dries her own hair, and
B - Uses L'Oréal when she has a WORLD of priceless beauty products at her disposal...

That being said...I went shopping one day and like usual...walked up and down the beauty isles and found the whole Arginine Resist line on sale! I thought...Meh...its a sign...pick up a bottle to try it out.

This is the FIRST time I've monitored and documented a products results. It was kinda exciting....
But not the kind of exciting like last summer when I planted my first vegetable garden from seeds into little carton pots, and it didnt grow fast enough in 3 days for me to be able to pick and eat stuff off of it, so I gave up, didnt water it....and it eventually died..

NO, this was MUCH more exciting. Because if it didnt work, I was determined to write to L'Oréal and complain about the false advertisement their product was putting out there....Man....I was TOTALLY surprised to find that after a month and a half, the product did exactly what it promised!!

My split ends were GONE and my hair-fall had gone from a hand-full to hand-none!
Well...not none....peep the photos....but it may as well have been!!!

I wasnt sponsored by L'Oréal to do this review...but man, they sure do need to promote this product better...because it has been a miracle for me. I lose so much hair on a daily basis..shower and daily. I still cannot believe the amount of hair that is staying put now!

Here is the disgusting photo of my hair bag experiment for your viewing pleasure:

Truly repulsive...But hey...its proof!

Here is a video review I did of the product, I hope you guys enjoyed, and let me know how your experiments with this line goes!!! Post your disgusting hair bag photos in the thread when you've completed it!

Till next time!

xoxo, Mariam Monroe

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