17 Uses for Cooking Spray!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I was reading my morning newspaper, which in reality is my twitter feed....When I stumbled across a fact that stated that cooking spray can be used to dry wet nail polish! *Gasp*
I am sure we all have cooking spray laying around, and if not, go buy some!!

1. Use Cooking Spray as a Nail Polish Dryer
If you are in a hurry and your nails aren’t dry yet, spray a little Pam on the wet nails. Try to get a normal spray instead of garlic or scented ones to avoid having your hands smell like it all day.

Cool, huh? Who would of thunk it??
The brand of cooking spray shouldn't matter. Any kind should work.

Just in case you weren't convinced about needing to buy the spray just to dry your nails, here are 16 other reasons why you might want to get some! Click the link below to take you to the rest:

2. Bicycle Chains

Pam works well for rusted or stuck bicycle chains. Simply spray a few spritzes of Pam on the chain and it will be gliding smoothly again.

3. Candle Holders

You can prevent your candles from melting on your candle holders by spraying the holders in advance with some Pam Cooking Spray. Wax will slide right off.

4. Car Grills

Spraying your car grill with Pam cooking spray is an excellent way to make future bug removal fast and easy. Simply spray some Pam on a clean cloth and rub it on your grill. It has the added benefit of shining up the chrome as well.

5. Chafing

Pam Cooking Spray works great for chafing skin. It not only reduces the chafing but moisturizes the dry skin that causes chafing in the first place. Spray a little spray on your hands, then rub the oil between your thighs or anyplace else that skin friction is occurring for instant relief.

6. Cheese Grater

This a wonderful use of Pam Cooking Spray that you will be forever “grateful” for. Before using your cheese grater, spray with a little of the cooking spray to keep cheese from sticking, thereby making cleaning so much easier.

7. Diaper Rash

Pam is not only good for moisturizing the skin but can actually speed the healing of a diaper rash. Spray some of the cooking spray on the rash after the baby has had a bath to bring them relief.

8. Dry Cuticles

Spray a little Pam on dry cuticles to instantly moisturize them.

9. Dry Skin and/or Wind Burn

Pam can help moisturize and relieve the pain and itchiness of dry skin or windburn due to its vegetable oil properties. Simply spray a little of the solution onto your hands and rub into the dried areas for relief and moisture.

10. Gum Stuck in Hair

Pam also makes gum removal from hair much easier. Simply spray the piece of gum that is stuck and it will loosen it enough to remove it.

11. Paint Remover

Pam Cooking Spray works well for removing grease and paint from hands and skin. Simply spray a bit of the cooking spray onto your hands, rub the oil into your skin, then wash with soap and water. Pam is not only gentler on your skin than turpentine or acetone, but will even leave your skin feeling moisturized afterwards.

12. Psoriasis

Apply some Pam Cooking Spray to psoriasis right after a shower or bath. It is a great moisturizer.

13. Snoring

Bet you this is one you haven’t heard before. Spray a quick shot of Pam down your throat before going to bed at night. This will lubricate the back of the throat and works just as well as the more expensive snoring sprays you buy in the drugstore.

14. Shoveling Snow

To keep snow from sticking to shovel making your shoveling job ten times harder, try spraying the shovel with cooking spray. The snow will slide right off.

15. Squeaky Doors or Hinges

Squeaky doors or hinges driving you crazy? Pam works as well as any professional oil or WD 40 when it comes to lubricating them. Simply spray a little on the hinge. (Just be sure to clean up any excess on the floors or handles of doors – very slippery.)

16. Stuck Keys

If you have a tricky lock that sometimes sticks or jams, try spraying a little Pam on the key – then insert it into the lock. Work the key around a little to distribute the oils making future use of the lock much easier.

17. Stuck Rings

Do you have a ring stuck on your finger than you can’t get off? No need to pull and tug. Simply spray a little Pam on your finger and the ring will slip right off.

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