Burn, Baby, Burn!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm one of those people who use curling and flat irons without the protective glove that comes with the tools. I like to think I've got a pretty good handle on what I'm doing. But every now and then I give myself a scar to remind me of why I SHOULD be wearing that protective glove.

I clearly should have been wearing the glove.
I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced this burn before. Whether you were in la la land dreaming about your hot date, watching an episode of the walking dead, yelling at your dog who is sitting next to you biting his paws, or just plain old distracted......we've all been there!

So anyways, it got me thinking....(Actually, the burn I gave myself when I yelled at the dog during my last video got me thinking)... What can I do to remedy this burn to ensure there is as little scarring as possible? And how on earth do I stop this painful throbbing??

Let's start by saying that if the burn is severe and pussing or blistering badly, be sure to see your doctor ASAP! But for minor burns, here are 10 remedies you can find around the house, and fast!

1. Cold Compress! Using a washcloth, soak it under cold running water and apply it to the burn to help cool it down. Our first instinct is usually to grab ice and apply it, but this is not the same thing, and could cause frostbite and seriously damage your skin!

2. Aloe Vera. When we get a sunburn in the summer or on vacation, the first thing someone tells you to use is aloe vera! Destination hotels even include them with your shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom! So the same goes for a curling iron burn. Apply a small pea sized amount to the area for instant cool soothing feeling and to help with the healing.

 3. When topicals arent enough. Taking a dose of Advil or Ibuprohpenn can help with the inflammation of the burn and bring it down, it also will help if you you are experiencing throbbing in the area and pain.

4. Prescription/OTC. hydrocortisone cream. Whip out a tube of 0.5 - 1% percent hydrocortisone, this lotion or cream can help also bring down the inflammation and ease the pain. If you have medical coverage, you can ask your dr to give you a prescription for it and keep it stored in a cool dark place for future use.

My personal favorite moisturizer!
5. Moisturize. Make sure to keep the skin as moist and hydrated as possible. Keep a small tube in your purse to apply liberally throughout the day.

6. Apply honey to fresh burns. Honey helps to prevent infections and scar tissue. Honey has also been known to heal older burns and scars, including those from previous falls or surgery, when applied regularly.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar. Is there anything this stuff cant fix?? Use apple cider to speed up healing time and prevent blistering and peeling.

8. Essential oils. Rub lavender essential oil or tea tree oil on a burn to speed recovery time and prevent bacteria from entering the wound.

9. Whats in your fridge? Place fresh papaya slices or fresh tomato wedges on burned or damaged skin. Both of these fruits contain enzymes that encourage the creation of new skin cells, collagen and elastin to help your skin renew itself! Slice up a few extra pieces to snack on while healing

 10. Cleansing.  At night, use a gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil) to gently cleanse the area. And of course moisturize before bed.

And, if you'd prefer to watch these tips rather then read it, here ya go:

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and learned a thing or two! I'm off to remedy my own burn before bed....ouch!


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