The BEST Make-up Brush Cleaner for UNDER $2!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

So earlier in the month I had stumbled across my long lost Sephora gift card and thought, oh boy! Shopping spree! I browsed around on their site and came across this:

I had seen someone use a brush cleaning pad on YouTube before, but I wasn't interested in spending $40 USD on it.... I thought, hey this is a pretty good deal for a brush cleaner..... until I searched online and found these silicone heart shaped ones for under 2 bucks! (dirt cheap!!) For that price you can give em out to friends as stocking stuffers or a little add on to a birthday gift! You'll look like you spent a TON - but you know that the wrapping paper used to wrap it all cost more...

I decided to shop around on google and see how much others were charging and if there was a better design available. Here is what I came up with:

First of all, I cannot justify spending that much on a finger make up brush or cleaning pad. The design of the heart shape cleaner is PERFECT because you can get all your fingers in there for support when pressing your brush against it. Plus, it came in a TON of colors as opposed to the usual hot pink....

 WHERE TO GET IT: AMAZON.COM (Sort Price: low to high) , you can also find it on Ebay.

WHAT IT DOES: Of course I made a YouTube video showing you how it works:

I hope you guys enjoyed this video / post. Leave a comment down below if you found a beauty item you want me to try out or review!

Mariam Monroe

Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored in any way. All items presented were purchased by me, and the opinions expressed are my own without any influence. Links to products may contain affiliate links.

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