My Diva Diet & the 20 lbs Lost in 6 WEEKS

Monday, May 6, 2019

If there was an award for the most number of diet fads attempted in a 5 year span...
I would not only be the winner, I would be the Organizer, Creator, and sole record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records.

That being said, I have FINALLY found the trick to rapid and permanent weight loss......
You ready for it? Two words:
Calorie Counting.

I do not cut carbs, sugars, sodium or anything else. I simply count every morsel that I consume. In the past, I would most definitely lose weight on all of these fad diets (Never the high amount they boast), but enough to say, holy crap!

The problem was, it was always short lived... the cravings for whatever "bad food" I had to banish from my life would come on ten fold. The pounds I worked SO hard to remove, were quickly packed on (and then some) in a matter of days when returning to a normal diet.... It was a yo-yo effect.

The problem was, it wasn't realistic once the target weight was achieved. I couldn't imagine never eating another carb or full fat butter meal again... that's crazy talk! I'm Canadian....Poutine gravy runs through my veins!

Not to mention, it obviously wasn't healthy. But don't you sit there and judge me like you aren't here reading this to see what extreme diet I used - and how to do it!

In February of this year, I ordered a dress for my brothers wedding in Mid-March. The dress was gorgeous and was coming from Australia. I gave every exact measurement to the lady who helped me place my order. She had the dress in stock for me and no alterations were needed! So she sent it out express, and the dress arrived within a few days.

Fast forward to the weekend before Valentines day, and the dress could barely make it up to my shoulders, let alone zip closed!! What was I going to do?? I just spent $900 on this dress that was so perfect in my mind. I didn't have any time to find something else!

Then it hit me. I was turning 35 in May, and had been complaining that I hated the way I looked as it was, and I didn't want to see myself in this state anymore. This dress was going to help me lose some weight before I officially crossed over into my "mid-thirties".

I set the goal: 20lbs in 6 weeks. I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

First day - 2 Weeks into Diet - 1 week before the event - My Brothers Wedding 
I will be using this section of my site, along with my newest Instagram account: to show you recipes and low calories versions of your favorite meals. So you never have to feel like diet food is boring ever again. And you too, can stick to your goals and achieve your target!

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