Cheap Alternative to Smashbox/MAC Face Primer! ($36 v.s $8)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

While shopping with the BFF, I mentioned how I hated the summer time because of my thighs. My huge, behemoth, gargantuan thighs that have since quadrupled in size due to weight gain...
Anywho, I hate that in super hot and humid weather, they rub together and chaff....To which my friend mentioned seeing a gel like product that prevents it and feels just like a face primer....

That's all I needed to hear...because from that moment on we were on a mission to locate this product.

Assuming your country does not have Lancane, you can also look for Monistat's "Chaffing Relief Powder Gel" - NOT to be confused with the Monistat Lotions or Creams....this is totally different!

A photo of the Monistat gel incase you wanted to see the difference.

 NOW - Let's go through a list of Pro's and Con's of the Lanacane:


  1. First and foremost, you have to go down "that isle". The isle that we all pretend were in to pick up some feminine hygiene products for our "friend or sister". Now while were on the subject of shopping in this isle, can I just ask why on EARTH they put all those products across from the condoms and lubrication?? I mean, its embarrassing enough to shop the Vag-products - now you have to do it while a cute boy is behind you buying condoms. Holy awkward for both people!!
    Anyways, back to the chaffing gel - you spend 10 minutes searching for the product, cant find it. You ask the pharmacist for help, only to have her draw more attention to the fact that shes never heard of it - so she asks people around her....LOUDLY.
    And then of course there the checkout scan the lanes looking for the least judgmental person you could find. Only to end up with a 60-something-year-old lady who tells you she personally has been using it in a number of different places for years...places you could have definitely gone without knowing today...
  2. You could break out. Dimethicone is the main ingredient in these chaffing gels which is a silicone product. So be aware if you do have skin allergies! Ask the pharmacist what the return policy is or if you could test it out in store just to see if you react to it within a few hours.
 And.....That's about the only cons...yup. everything else was amazing!


  1. Easily applies with your fingers or make up brush
  2. Colorless, and has no odors. You could always dab a little bit of your foundation together with the "primer" to give it a tinted color. This would be ideal for all those horrid BB creams you bought thinking it gave good coverage - only to realize it goes on like watered down make up.
  3. It costs 8-9 dollars...Seriously. How can you go wrong here?? I've been using it for 2 months and have BARELY made a dent in the tube!
  4. The size is extremely convenient. It fits in my make up bag much better than the Smashbox primer - because theirs is too big, and square, and takes up too much room.
  5. It can be used for chaffing too! I'm sure we don't all have that problem...but thought I'd add it as a pro, cause I used it for that!
Bottom line is....You really cant go wrong for this price and quality! I personally don't think I'll ever go back to using regular face primers again! Give it a shot, I promise you'll like the feel of this stuff waaaaayyy more than the actual high end primers!

And just incase you wanted to compare prices, here is a list of just a few top primers on the market:

Smashbox - Photo Finish:   $42
MAC - Prep and Prime: $40
Benefit - Pore-fessional: $30
Makeup Forever - HD Microperfecting: $34
Sephora Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing: $15


Mariam Monroe

(And here is the video breakdown of this product:)

Raineys Crochet said...

This sounds really interesting! Thanks! Love to save a bit and try out cheaper alternatives :)

Lorraine x

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