DIY Chanel Christmas Ornament

Monday, December 31, 2012

Hellllloooo everyone!

Today is going to be a crazy day, cause I will be posting maybe 3-4 posts/videos (trying to make up for the lack of videos in the past) before 2013!

So lets begin!
This video was made AFTER Christmas, however i bought the supplies and had full intentions of making it 2 weeks prior...Long story short i had PC and camera issues. But thats all solved now! *Because I'm a genius*

This ornaments are great for adding some personality to your tree, and can also make great gifts to family members who share the same love for everything unaffordable. =)

THIS is the ornament we will be making. Check out the video below to see how i did it.

After making all my ornaments, i realized mid way that i should have done a few strands suspended in the middle of the ornament like necklaces, however i liked the way the black stood out more because of the pearls in the background.

If anyone tries this out and has some other great decore Ideas, please let me know!

Also, as a reference, this was the inspiration to this ornament. So feel free to use the ribbon that comes with your perfume or gift boxes to add some extra beauty!

Not sure who made this one, just found it when i searched "Chanel Ornament" in Google

Obviously you can also do so much more than just Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Louis...try a multi-brand ball!
I cannot wait to string them all on my tree for everyone to see next year!

I also made a Gucci Ornament, I will be editing and uploading verryyyyy shortly! Stay tuned!

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