The Power of "Dont buy that"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A while back I had to take my dog for a walk in the rain, and was instantly reminded of the days where i begged my husband to buy me a pair of Burberry rain boots for my birthday (I shouldnt complain because he bought me a much more expensive Burberry BAG) But still...the thought of those rain boots have never escaped my mind. To sum it up, those boots of course are not available ANYWHERE online or in stores. So i put them on the back burner for now...Not forgotten!! Just...on hold in my mind...

Lately the thoughts have returned and I decided to give the internet a whirl for some other kind of designer Rain boots...At last, i found another pair that could be as swoon worth as my beloved Burberry boots...I added them to my watch list and have since spent weeks thinking about these Fendi rain boots:

I say weeks because the woman that listed the boots, pulled them off ebay just as the listing was going to end, and i was going to win them, for some strange reason....Who does that??? Here is a photo of the boots:

I edited out some personal info, just incase she read this, lol

Anywho, she relisted them (above) and they were scheduled to end today at 10:03 am. I barely slept last night...I kept trying to debate in my head if i was indeed making the right decision to buy these boots. For a few years now i've longed for The black Burberry boots with a bit of check in it.

Not available anywhere - if you find them let me know!!
The problem is i cant find these boots ANYWHERE anymore....I am seriously crushed about this, and i know i've just been trying to fill the void by purchasing a more expensive brand, but its not the same...
At 43 seconds left for that Fendi boot listing to end, I know for a fact they were mine if i just put in a maximum bid of 200 bucks. Cause thats as much as i would be willing to pay for rain boots, lol.

And then it was like my life was flashing before me all at once in 43 seconds! I didnt like that they were white....could i spray paint them black?? I didnt like the height of them...shin length boots make me look short and fat....and above all they looked so long for a size 9. would the white make my feet look like a size 14? Not to mention they dont come with the box, or cards or receipt!!! Think...think...THINK!!!

I remembered that just days earlier i had found these bad boys:

Iron fist Zombie Stomper Rain Boot $45
Now i know what you're thinking....WTF. How can i go from designer brands to those hideous monsters on my feet?? Well i love zombies and i love high end. That's basically how its possible.

I decided to let the listing end in front of my eyes...And though it pained me to see that NO ONE had bid any higher, and that i for SURE would have won the Fendi boots....I let them go, and have decided to purchase the Zombie rain boots from Iron Fist Clothing. There is something so amazing about these. Also the fact that no one else around here is going to buy them or wear them. So now in my tiny city...i am original. And nothing feels as good as someone telling you they love what you have on, but could never wear it.

Click here to buy the Zombie Stomper Rainboots. AND after searching the net for a discount code, I found that if you enter "YUME" in the promo code you get an additional 10% off. So these bad boys cost me $40.50. I feel totally content, and will not need to buy any designer/non designer rain boots from here on out. Unless i somehow find those Burberry ones, then that would be my only exception. Funny how i go from one extreme to the other, huh?

One of the biggest deciding factors in this purchase came from the voice of "un-reason" (aka un-reasonable, but i like the un-reason better...yeah...i make up my own words...)

My husband - this morning after waking him up - laughed and told me that he "KNOWS i will never wear these boots", and then told me not to buy them. My eyes twitched, and i lay there quite for a few minutes. actually for about an hour. Waited for him to go to work and got on my computer.
Because of what he said.... I DID buy them, and guess what....I'm going to wear them all around the god damn house stomping around like I'm trying to wake the dead. And when i DO...i will kill them AGAIN by stomping on them IN these boots!!! SO TAKE THAT HUSBAND!

And since its not probable that any dead folks are gonna wake up...I'm going to wear these during every episode of "The Walking Dead" on AMC. and during commercial breaks....i'll stomp some more.... =)
Lesson to be learned here, husband....DONT tell me not to do something...You'd think after almost 2 years of marriage he'd of learned that by now.

I win. Always.

Ciao bellas.

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