Big Curls and Waves, Without the Blowout

Saturday, November 22, 2014

One of the things I always hated the most when I wanted to "Kim Kardashian" curl my hair is the fact that I had to straighten it first...

After spending an HOUR straightening my hair, making sure nothing was frizzy, I THEN was able to curl it, but not without dousing it in hair spray to get it to hold the curl...So my now clean hair was considerably dirty, and will surely begin its usual: hair-spray-residue-that-resembles-lice-or-flakey-skin-that-people-feel-the-need-to-point-out-to-you.

How annoying.

Anyways, it was until one lazy morning, where I decided to shower the night before and sleep on it wet, and curl it the next morning, regardless of what it looked like. To my surprise, this not only held the curl better than straightening it first, but it cut the time by more than half!!

The next step was to try to see if the curls could be achieved the SAME DAY by blow drying the hairs enough to get them dry, but just not super straight........... Eureka!

With that being said, lets just jump into the video/tutorial:

I hope this helps!


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