DIY Phillip Lim Sweatshirt ($325) for only $10!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I saw this Sweatshirt when I was browsing around on and fell in love...What I did not love was the price tag...

This winter I recently became a big fan of sweatshirts, and as slobbish as that is to admit, you have to give me credit for rocking some adorable ones...sequins, ruffles, studs and animal prints. Ain't nothin' too grotesque about that...Even though my husband begs to differ that I am STILL going out in a sweatshirt and yoga

Any who, I could not bring myself to pay that kind of absurd amount when I knew I could make the exact same sweater for much less....about $25. At least I thought thats how much it would cost to make it...

My version of the sweater - sleeves are mesh as well, it just looks darker cause there isn't an arm in it, lol.
I also didn't like how baggy it was on me (see video), so I took it in quite a bit to make it more fitted but still comfy.
Sweater: $2 (on sale at Giant Tiger - Original was $4, lol still a steal for this project)
Mesh Fabric: $5.50 (It was actually 11.00/yard, and I only needed half a yard but bought extra for a future project)
Trim: $1.00 (I added this because I wanted some extra Ooomph. you don't have to)
TOTAL: 10.00 (Usually my math sucks, but this time it's only cause I'm rounding up for the sake of taxes.)

Here is where you can purchase the original Phillip Lim shirt if you have the money to do so: Nordstrom

For the rest of us Fashion Obsessed but too broke to afford it, Watch my video to recreate it on your own:

ANNNNDD if you don't want to sew OR spend that kind of money...there are many different options out there for you to check out.

Dorothy Perkins: Grey Sheert Insert Sweater (£19.99)

TopShop: Mesh Insert Panel ($38)

ASOS: Glamorous Sweatshirt with Chiffon Sleeve ($36.58)

Well...that's all for tonight. I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial! Please leave me a comment with a link to an item you want to see me re-create in a future video! Till then....Toodles!

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