DIY Silk Hair Wrap Tutorial for How to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A while back I had posted a tutorial on how to straighten your hair without is that tutorial:

After I had made this video, the most common question i received was:

1. Does the scarf have to be silk
2. Silk is too expensive, where else can i buy it, or can i use satin?

I have now posted a video to help you DIY your own silk scarf for less than 6 bucks!
(Video below)

Here are the photos below:

Pin down your fabric - try to get as much of the fabric as possible

Cut a straight line across the fabric seperating it from the top part.
You should have what resembles an eternity scarf. Cut one seam open to lay the fabric out flat.
Pin down a half an inch on all sides and sew all of your edges.
Place scarf with the silkiest side down on your head
I used a bobby pin to keep the scarf in place (You can do this if your material keeps moving, till you get the hang of it)
Tie the scarf on your head
Tie a tight not in the back of your head.
Remove the bobby pin and tuck the front in.

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