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My name is Mariam aka Mariam Monroe, 
I am a semi-new blogger and a retired-but-maybe-one-day-returning YouTuber. 
My blog covers all the things I love: food, fashion, travel, make up, and everything glamorous!
I blog at least once a week, and post to my social media platforms daily.
Find me on Instagram: @Mariam_Monroe

 I am a mother to two amazing boys, Roman (6 years old) and Nikolas (4),
and married to my best friend Kyle back in 2010.

I started this blog a year after launching my YouTube channel in 2009 to help host some pictures and other links. It was the perfect platform to host contests when YouTube was getting more strict.
Fast forward to today, and I am slowly working my way back to just posting the things I love, and hoping I can inspire others while I'm at it! 

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