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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

 Okay guys, we are trying something new here... Once a month (to start) I want to find some DIY pinterest tutorials and put them to the TEST! That way YOU don't have to waste time or money trying to do it yourself!

I pin so many wacky DIY beauty tips that sometimes I question the credibility of the photos.... How do I know the result was done in the same day using that exact method??

Well, the only way to really find out is to embark on this journey myself. Well...if you guys are joining me, then were doing it together! Leave a comment down below or on the YouTube video of tutorials you've seen on pinterest that you would like me to try or compare!

For my first edition of the Tutorial Tuesdays (I only gave it that cool name cause it they went well together, the downside is....I have to schedule everything to post on a Tuesday instead of the weekend! Ughhh!) where was I......?

........Oh right!

The first Tutorial Tuesday I am going to present to you guys is the 3 most commonly seen (and pinned) DIY eye make up remover tutorials!

I followed the pins to these websites, and got to work immediately trying to replicate it!

Photo credit: ATravellingWife.blogspot.ca
#1 - The Baby Shampoo, Baby Oil, and Water Method can be found HERE via ATravelingWife.blogspot.ca

Photo credit: MyFrugalAdventures.com
#2 - The Whipped Coconut Method can be found HERE via MyFrugalAdventures.com

Photo credit: Thriveonadime.com

#3 - The Olive Oil and Water Method can be found HERE via Thriveonadime.com


Thanks for watching guys and I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed making it!


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