Say Hello to Baby "S"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I just wanted to introduce you guys to our soon to be new addition:

Because we dont know the gender of the baby yet....I will refer to IT as "Baby S".
(S is the first letter of both of our last names....)

Baby S had a heart beat of 173bpm, was asleep for the entire process, and in the last 5 minutes finally woke up due to vigorous coughing. (I was instructed to do this to see if it will shake and wake the baby up).

Originally, we thought that was a hand in the air, but after the tech pointed it out - its a foot....we thought Baby S was waving to us...but in fact it was giving us the boot... =\

The whole ultrasound process took about an hour. They didnt tell me it would take this long, and my friend who had hers said it lasted only 10-15 minutes tops! So I was worried after 35 minutes of dead silence and my rude ultrasound technicians heavy breathing and grunts. I asked if everything was ok, and she waited a minute or so before answering me while staring deeply into her monitor...Her answer was that she needed me to roll onto my side for 5 minutes and she would return to the room shortly. She did this twice. and We even switched rooms once because she "didnt like the machine"

I kept waiting for the doctor to come in and tell me the baby was gone and we needed to schedule an appointment to remove what was left. When she started asking me to cough, I questioned her again if everything was ok...She responded with "Its asleep". Confused and enraged by her 2 word response, I asked "Is it asleep...or 'ASLEEP'?". Her response will shock you....

"I wouldn't be doing all this if it were dead." - Yup. This brand new state of the art building with the promise of outstanding customers service just blew my mind as well.....

I think because I now knew Baby S wasn't deceased....I smiled and remained silent for the remainder of the scan. Kyle was scared when he was called into the room 55 minutes after I had gone in. But in the end we saw the baby, heard the heart beat, and were excited to show the photo to friends and family....But they're just going to have to wait until Christmas!

Another shocker was that we thought the technician would tell us we were about 9 weeks along...We were soooo off. Turns out as of today we were 11 weeks 3 days!! Holy crap! This means waiting till Christmas for a surprise announcement could pose a problem if I begin to show - seeing as to how I would be 4 months at that point!

This will be interesting....But, alas, time to start planning the surprises!


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