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Friday, April 16, 2010

Now a lot of people don't believe me when i say i have a TON of jewelry...And quite frankly, even after taking pictures of just the pieces i use frequently on my wall unit, the bags and boxes filled with the rest of my jewelry were overlooked..So i'll only post pics of the ones on display... (we are leaving out bags of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, RINGS, Hair adornments, and of course my flower hair clip collection, which has managed to cycle its way thru my sisters rooms as I still live at home, and they still have full access to my room when im not home... *sigh*)

I promise you once my closet is complete, you will be able to see just how much stuff i own...lol

Let me also mention that i am the type of person that if i dont like something anymore, i either hand it down to one of my lucky younger sisters for FREE, or simply fill an entire garbage bag and donate it to the nearest charity. I used to sell my stuff on eBay, but with all the fees now a days, its less hassle to just give them away.

So this is my current wall unit. My fiancee got me the peg board, and of course we purchased the pegs. I used to work at a company called Le Chateau, which is a Canadian based company who sells designer/runway inspired clothing, much like BCBG or any of those other stores like Forever 21.
 Anyways, the point is that before i left there i stole a bunch of these little jewelry tag things...(oh whatever we threw them away half the time!) and thats why most of the jewelry is hanging on those tags. I find them easier to open, close, pull down, and re attach onto the board.

Side view of some bracelets and earrings...

Close up of those Le Chateau tags..

More earrings and necklaces.

 Another close up.

Next level down. Broaches and hair pins.

Necklaces. in no real order because i need a bigger unit.

A side view. So you can see how many cards are on one peg, lol. I told you i need more room!

Okay okay, that's enough... You get the point...
 All in all, I'd have to say that this has been the most effective way of viewing my jewelry when im in a hurry. Everything is organized, and its easy when i take them off, to hang them back up. As i mentioned a few posts ago that we had purchased a house, and my lovely fiancee has given me 2 of the 3 bedrooms to do what i want with! Needless to say, one of those rooms is definitely going to be a walk in closet! Stay tuned to see me transform this room:

This photo is when we got the keys. Those curtains are NOT mine. lol

The home definitely needs some upgrades, but I am sure we can make it work.

Thanks for dealing with my obnoxiously long post today! I just felt like posting something closet related since im getting all excited about our home reno's. We've been painting and peeling wall paper, and just moving in really...So bare with me and i'll post some photos as we move along!

Tara said...

i am so impressed by your jewelry organization! i really wish i could do the same!

Brunch girls said...

So we just stumbled across your blog and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Will definitely be following!


star said...

you have so much jewelry! It's so well organized!

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