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Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey guys,

So a while ago I foolishly allowed my .COM to expire, so after months of trying to get it back now that I am rejoining the online world+, I have decided to just go ahead and change the extension to a .CA

I hope that one day the .COM becomes available again, but in the meantime, this is the new site. Really....its the old site with a new extension.... I hope it doesn't really confuse anyone. Everything else should still be the same.

Because I was forced to register a new domain name, I toyed around with the idea to just re-brand everything...but I thought of all my social media accounts that some of you already follow me on, and ultimately decided to keep things simple. So, if you are wondering what sites or apps to follow me on, here is a list:

Facebook: MariamMonroe1 (
Instagram: Mariam_Monroe (
Snapchat: Mariam_Monroe  (
YouTube: MariamMonroe (
Twitter:  Mariam_Monroe ( - Not much activity here

I look forward to seeing you all on these platforms!


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