Friday, July 19, 2013

It's 1:45 pm as I type this...I just got home from work about 20 minutes ago and I am exhausted.

I am so exhausted that I plop myself down on the couch, turn on some Will & Grace (favsies!), and begin to flip through I'm scrolling through my friends feeds I notice that someone pinned a link to site about things to do when you're bored...


First of all....I WISH I had time to be bored....I mean....I have a HUGE long list of things I need to do! For example, I really need to:

- clean my room
- make some tutorials
- film some reviews
- edit those videos
- make some blog posts
- sew some clothing
- complete any of the DIYs I pinned on pinterest
- do some laundry
- clean the house
- play with the dog
- get a tan outside
- cook dinner
- clean out my purses
- go through my closet and get rid of some clothes
- list the clothes I don't want on eBay....

I mean the list is endless! The problem is....I get home, and I'm I end up sitting on the couch in my scrubs for the remainder of the night. Like right you know it is now 2:15 pm, and this is all I have written? I am going IN and OUT of a sleep coma right now.

There really is no point to this post other than to point out the obvious....I am lazy. Just thought I'd rant for a bit...Well....Happy Friday guys! I'm gonna go take a nap, cause..well...its Friday! And you know what I like to do on Fridays???


-_-  Pathetic, I know....

On a sidenote, I just heard a crying baby commercial for some jazz fest with a trumpet playing in the background, and now I have an insta-migraine.....thanks stupid baby with the french hat. Your commercial makes no sense!


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