Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello Ladies....and gents?

I know its been a while (doesnt it seem like all my posts begin this way?)

I just wanted to make a quick post on an item i purchased on eBay last month that just arrived a few days ago.  Whats strange is that from time to time i just search eBay for anything cute, sometimes something that i liked but want to pay less for (oh cmon were all frugal inside), and sometimes just bizzare stuff that ive convinced myself that i cant live without....for example the Blood Bathroom Collection.....Have you seen this stuff???

Pretty Sweet.

At first, I thought when you stepped on this mat with wet feet, blood would appear, but no. It is already white and red when you order it. Still pretty cool, But it would have made for a great guest bathroom gag, but this just kills the decor and fun.

Ummmm.....I wonder what scent it

Same issue as the Bath Mat, you assume this towel comes white and turns red on wet contact, but wrong. It comes this way as well. Still pretty cool to bring to the gym with you though, or to have folded up on your bathroom towel rack, so when someone pulls it down---BAM! I killed someone!!! lol
Anyway, just thought I'd share those cool items with you....because i did want to buy them (prolly still will) i just wished it would have all came white, and turned red after.....*shrugs*

So lets get back to what i was originally gonna show you... I found this awesome dress on ebay that was made and shipped from China (as most things are nowadays).

Pretty sweet, right???
The dress comes in black or white. Now, anyone that knows me would assume right away that i would purchase the black dress. But for once in my life i decided to do something different. I ordered the white dress, and almost immediately after making payment, regretted my decision. I started getting upset thinking "I could wear the black all the time! with anything! flats, sandals, heels, anything!! But then when i received my package, i realized i made the right decision.

The black dress comes with a white skull on the back, which to me cries for a desperate..."look at the back of my dress! theres a skull on it" type of scenario, where as to the white is very subtle, and make the dress look not so cheap, lol.

NOW, here is a few more photos of the dress in both colors:
Here are photos of the actual dress

 NOW, here is the weird thing, I bought this dress for $30...yesterday I was shopping around online, and found the SAME dress for  $150! It turns out the pictures of the blond girl were actually photos from the actual clothing brand Premonition (Click Here for the Link to the dress on Premonition.coms website) and they have it in a few colors!

All in all, i still love my dress, minus the fact that the material is KIND of sheer even with the lining, but then again, what white dress is NOT semi-sheer? The Premonition website also has the dress in a black on black skull (damnit!) i truly would have paid 150 for it to be those

Here are a few more photos of the quality and care tag:


And finally, if you would like to purchase my knockoff Premonition dress for 36 bucks (looks like hes raised his price, lol) check out this ebayer: justepean

PLEASE NOTE: The sizes of the dress run VERY small!!! I wear a size Med-Large and had to buy a size XL. So read the measurements carefully!

Man, that ebay guy should give me some discounts for referring people to him, lol. seriously.

Enjoy! and thanks for stopping by!

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