Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am going shopping today with my bestest best buddy of alllll time! Stacey.

Stacey is getting married a about 5 months, and shes finally chosen her dress, which i will refrain from posting a picture of because thats just plain rude. I'm sure no one reading this is going to her wedding, but you never know!!!

We are technically on the hunt for a bridesmaid/MOH dress for myself (I am the only bridal party, lol), but i can see how we are going to be easily distracted by summer goodies and grocery shopping.

One of our favorite pastimes is going to the states to grocery shop, because everything is cheaper, bigger, and they carry alot of stuff that doesnt pass Canadian standards, lol. Therefore we can buy all the cheap, unhealthy foods we want! The best part is that we can actually spend about 3 hours in a meijers, and at checkout realize we forgot something. How crazy is that?

I dont have many pictures of us on this computer, but here are a few:

The only time her driving didnt make me nauseous was when we took a trip to the Dominican Republic. This was us on a Dune-Buggy Excursion.
Stacey as a redhead.

My favorite Stacey: The blonde drunk. Good times.

Platinum blonde with dark? I look creepy here....

Stacey on Halloween as a pinup girl.

Well, I better get into the shower. I know its supposed to rain, so i have to spend a few hours debating if i straighten my hair or curl

Toodles ladies!


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