Friday Faux-Pas

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've decided to start a faux pas section based on my views alone. Some of you may or may not agree with me. Some of you will whole heartedly agree...Either way, it is a day where i will post a few pictures of people, thing and anything else i believe should get a friday faux-pas stamped across it.

Now you may be thinking, wth Mariam? its not friday!

Well you're right, but i figured i'd pretend it was for today, since i have a few things to vent about now. Dont worry, you'll still wake up and find that tomorrow is indeed dreadful Monday.

Lets begin:

Does looking at this picture not make you want a fruit by the foot right about now?

Why would this girls "friend" do this to her? Shame on any of you who have a friend and does not help them dress accordingly to their body. If my BFF showed up for a night out, id punch her in the face.
STOP BE SUCH A SELFISH BFF! Karma will come back to you!


Okay, now this is what i've really been wanting to talk about...This little girl has been plastered all over magazines, blogs, tv, everywhere...I get it, shes cute. But seriously though...what is up with that 30 year old face?? Its like she KNOWS something is going on...or like shes an adult spy that looks like a baby..She creeps me out. The odd occasion i see a photo of her laughing, but its prolly only to prove that shes not a robot or something insane that tom cruise and his cult buddies made in some laboratory...

 WTF is up with these faces...its like she knows the cameras are on her, so she shows how much she hates it. Now this is either incredible for a toddler to be doing, or shes a grown person in a childs body sick of the limelight. She just has this stuck up way of looking at the cameras. I know, i know "shes just a child!" But seriously, do you not look at her and think, she is the most miserable child....
30 million dollar wardrobe, and she is miserable.

Speaking of wardrobe, WTF is up with the shoes shes wearing??

Now you look at JUST the legs in the right half of those pictures and tell m if those belong to a toddler? That girls got better legs than I DO!! And who the eff makes their kid run around in those all day? We as women know how uncomfortable it can be at times...especially shopping!

Heres a reason i dont think Tom should be able to dress this child...Its effing pouring rain monsooning in the city..and this chick is wearing peep toe's....Where are her rain boots?!? 
Ladies, do you remember stepping in a puddle while wearing a cute pair of peeps, and all of a sudden,
you're sliding in and out of those damn shoes, looking like a fool, cause you cant seem to keep them on, 
even if you clench your toes!!?? 

Yeah. Exactly. WTF. And man is it just me or is she wearing leggings and heels? Yes, she is. The same thing that GROWN adults wear....its cute for kids when they have on leggings and flats...but the heels make her look like the olsen twins when they hit puberty and grew up too fast. Dont worry about Elmo sweetheart, hes the last of your worries...grab onto a damn hand rail, cause you're going to go down fast.

Last but not least, i leave you with a photo of the 2 people responsible for this creation.
Is it just me, or has Tom cruise gotten ridiculously hotter, and poor katie holmes is looking older and older...

I feel bad, i cant say that this is 100% true...but i just feel like Katies been pushed back and the leading lady in Toms life is Suri...Katie, youre too pretty to have done this to yourself...but then again, maybe she likes not having to do movies anymore, and just buy the stuff she likes to wear...but man remember her on that tv show, i forget the name cause i never watched it..but she was a jeans and tshirt kinda shes all about the "i own a yacht, so i dress like im on it everyday" kinda look...

*Sigh* i cant hate..i love that look.. shes evolved into my dream character...and Tom is pretty hot...
but that damn little girl creeps me the eff out.

Tara said...

hahahah. i'm a little offended because i dress like the fruit by the foot lady all the time. :)

intellectwon said...

uh..why did you post a picture of the two of us on here? ..oh and by the way, why do you make me wear a moo-moo everytime we go out?

And are you talking about the show Dawson's Creek which was on in like the 90's?

Jennifer said...

Halfway through reading about Suri I was wondering if you would mention how she wears high heels, then bam! you did. Its too funny that they dress her like a little baby prostitute sometimes. And peep toes in the rain is never a good idea.

skinnydip said...

High heels on a kid is just wrong. Let her be a kid and wear comfy KID SHOES.

Shawn Tina said...

lolz all around to this post! that leather on leather totally made me want a strawberry banana fruit by the foot. and i have to disagree about the tom cruise...dude just looks scary.

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