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Sunday, April 25, 2010

So its been a little while...lots of updates, but its late, and i need to get to bed....so lets summarize.

-Im still sick as shit. My nose wont stop running..and by running i mean waterfalls and gooey clear unbreakable mucus is constantly a-flow....No videos or pictures till this shnoz is back to its normal self...sorry guys! I've been dying to post stuff...
-The house reno's are coming along great...I'll have some photos for you soon of our before and after for the hallway and main room!
-Wedding plans still on standby, Ive neglected everything to work on the house....lol...Everyone is so shocked i still dont have a dress....relax...its an effing dress....i'll find SOMETHING. how crucial can it be?

Finally received my Zombie Stomper pumps and Bikini! Shipping took a long ass time, and the shoes look like they have tiny scuffs on the sides...hmm...not very happy about this, and will most likely write Ironfist a letter about it...But anyways, the look and feel great! I know i didnt mention the bikini, but it was a spur of the moment purchase...i just wanted it. lol
It also looks and feel great! Obviously not as great as it does on the model...but Im happy nonetheless!

1 thing not too many people know about me: I binge eat when im upset.
Lets be honest, lots of people do it. Especially in America, cause they all seem to blame their weight issues on their emotions...I used to laugh at those people..until recently..Over the past 4 years, i've noticed more and more how i wrap up my emotions in food..and the worst kind...im talking McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, fast food deep fried ANYTHING becomes my BFF. So needless to say, i fought with my fiancee today because i like to ignite his temper from time to time, and this time he really irritated me. I dont think i needed the fight tonight, but i brought it on myself...and ended up with a lap full of mcdonalds for the ride home... I always feel so guilty when i eat it..but for some reason i feel better knowing im hurting myself (body image) the most...i mean..how are these fries going to hurt HIM anymore than its hurting my thighs? ughh...fail.
Whats worse is im still sick!! so i couldnt even taste anything...NOTHING HAD TASTE TO IT!!

On the same drive home i noticed a Cora billboard...why do people enjoy eating there? I've eaten there once and fucking HATED IT! Mind you, im not really a breakfast kinda girl to begin with..but i do like curb appeal...so when i picked what appeared to be a pretty picture breakfast, ended up tasting like vomit.
 First of all, i ordered this cause i like druit. i like potatoes..and i love asparagus...Now i have never had holandaise sauce, or whatever its called...but they said its like gravy...and if anyone knows me and my love for poutines and gravy...then you know i couldnt possibly pass up this dish. Its like they made it just for me!
That sauce...was the grossest thing i have ever had in my life. It is not gravy. It is not cheese. I dont know what it is, but even after scooping it right off my eggs and english muffin, the taste was still there...even on my fruit. Never again Cora. You are full of lies, and pretty fruit cut outs. Please remove your terrible billboards from my route.That is all.

You also dont know this, but thank God blogger has auto save... i literally closed the post entry browser 2 times in a 30 second time frame...Accidentally of course....but let me tell you, there was no way in hell i was going to re-write anything i had written already....pffft...
 I had a few more things to blab about, but i forgot what, and plus i think i should go to bed now... Goodnight!

Tara said...

*sigh* i eat my feelings too. every time i have a bad day, i go get a big greasy cheeseburger and large fries.

V said...

Mariam, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG. You have great taste! YAY! excited to follow. <3

Shawn Tina said...

yes, i know binge eating all too well. luckily i'm working at a fat camp this summer...


MariamMonroe said...

geez, i've thought about doing those or even volunteering at one....but i have a feeling i'd be a very bad role model, and have tons of food stashed in my pillow, and with my luck get caught

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