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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates guys...

I've foolishly undergone corrective revision surgery for my nose which has put me out for a little while, and although i'm feeling a little better today, I am still very tired and my nose wont stop dripping...

Im positive i caught a cold at the hospital waiting for my surgery to begin...So now i have a bandage, and splints/tube things in my nose which is making it so difficult to blow my runny drippy nose...UGH!

No pictures of me are necessary at this point, as my nose resembles that of a hippo...

I am NOT exaggerating. Well...maybe a little...and its not THAT hairy, ahahahaha
Well, the next time i plan to do something so stupid again, someone slap me! but not on my nose! Third times a charm!! Geez how deperessing!
While I was googling hippo noses i found this photo:

how effing cute is that fat little hippo... Give up mama-hippo, your son is already obese and even Maury wont help you now. But man look at those chubby arms!! hahahaha so cute and plump.....Is there a such thing as hippo meat? like, do people eat hippo? I hope not...However i have heard they are the most dangerous animal above the lion even!!

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