I dont get it...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So i just spent an hour looking up interesting blogs that I genuinely wanted to read, follow, be an active and avid commenter on....and i notice the last blog was written days ago, and *enter username* asshole decides to shut down their blog cause they've now hit 1000 posts and they swore that the day that happened they would forever close the doors to their blog and walk..

Why the HELL would you do that?? You have all these readers, and "friends" you accumulated along the way, who really enjoyed reading your ramblings enough since post #1, and now you delete it??

I'm sorry, i just don't understand. Who makes a deal with themselves about things like that??

Well, apparently all 7 people that I felt I wanted to "friend"...bugger

I don't know why i wrote "bugger" but I've been dying to say it. Unfortunately, if you don't have the accent you sound pretty stupid saying. Especially in an everyday conversation. But now that i re-read it...it looks pretty stupid too. FAIL.

Tara said...

ok, i've been trying to comment on this for days..


it literally made me angry that someone would do that!


MariamMonroe said...

Not someone Tara...TONS OF PEOPLE!!!

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