2 more weeks and the house is ours!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So we met with the owners of our soon-to-be-home today. Very sweet couple!

They showed us around and told us how to use certain things in the house, where to find them, gave us some history lessons (as most elderly couples do...lol) and handed over allllllll the original instruction booklets for any and everything left in the house. lol.

We are SUPER excited to get in there and give the home our own twist.

From time to time im going to be posting before and after pics of all renos we do, as well as my usual beauty blog stuff, but if you aren't interested in all that home stuff, you can simply click one of the buttons above to take you strictly to the type of blogs you're here for!

Alright guys, finishing up my video, we should have it up and running by tomorrow! It wasn't so bad...I may even be tempted to do a quick hair tutorial too!! but just in case i don't....don't get too excited!

For now, goodnight ladies and gents!

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